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What Is Search Engine & Its Function

Before we proceed towards S.E.O, We need to know what is Search Engine & how it works, because it plays a vital role in S.E.O.

Search Engine is a piece of software, designed to search the information. It collects information about what people are searching on a search engine.It collects the most relevant information from the database, which is users trying to find by getting the help of crawler and displays the information on the search engine page.

Crawler: – A crawler is a program used by search engines to collect data from the internet. When a crawler visits a website, it picks over the entire website’s content.

Following are examples of Search Engine:

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Understanding Your Business

Before applying any strategy, understanding about Business is the best practice of SEO Expert.

Competition analysis and website audit

Before start doing changes in website auditing your websites, and doing research on competitor websites are necessary. From this, we will get the actual blueprint for our website.

Keyword Reserch

keyword research plays the most prominent part in ranking your business on SERP Page. For example, If you are searching for Best SEO services in Bangalore or Best SEO Expert in Bangalore Or Best SEO Consultant in Bangalore. That business or result will display, on SERP Page those are used these keywords, on their website.

Content Optimization

Content Optimization with keyword is the best practice of SEO experts. Content helps to promote the brand and also helps in creating awareness of your brand, but as an SEO part of a view, we need to write content by using the "high ranking keyword" to rank our website on the SERP page.

On Page SEO

On-page SEO techniques are implemented on your website to rank on the SERP page and obtain more relevant traffic.

Technical SEO

Here you need to check the technical aspects of your website. It examines the health of a website and finds out what fixes might be needed to improve it. Search engine bots crawl the web to find pages and websites.

Mobile Optimization

It is mandatory to optimize your website on a mobile site because nowadays, 70% of people using smartphones. For example, Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or Use a mobile Responsive WordPress Theme.

User Experience SEO

User experience acts an important role in SEO. Poor user experience spoils SEO. For Example, Adding lots of irrelevant links to your homepage or content may drive people away.

Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO techniques refer to all of the activities that you and others do away from your website to raise the ranking of a page with search engines.Example, creating back-links of your website.

Monitoring Ranking

In this digital world, things are always changing, keep updating of your website is mandatory, to sustain on the SERP page.example, keep updating content to creating awareness of your business.

SEO Freelancer SEO Expert & Consultant in Bangalore

Freelance SEO Expert Services & Consultant In Bangalore

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing traffic on your website or increasing website visitors organically without spending money on any SERP pages.
Optimization of your website rank on the SERP page is not a one or two day task. It involves many steps like analyzing your website, Keyword research, the position of keyword, website structure & very important task is your organization goal.
Here you need SEO experts or SEO consultant to rank your website on top of the SERP page. As I have experienced in the same field, I will help you with this & also help in expanding your business faster in the digital world.

Why SEO Is Required?

As I am an SEO consultant, my suggestion is that SEO is essential for every business in this digital world. Because it increases the visibility of your website if visibility increases, there are more possibilities of an increase in conversions rate(Completion of the desired goal).
It improves the user experience and usability of a website. It also helps in gaining a user’s trust. It supports you stay onward of your competitors.

Freelance SEO Expert Services & Consultant In Bangalore​

Why SEO?

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