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Optimize the youtube channel to rank

Nowadays, the most trending platform is YouTube for both to get information or entertaining. According to a study, nearly one-third of the internet, over a billion people, are using YouTube. On average, every single day, four billion videos, are been viewed on YouTube. Sixty hours of video gets uploaded every minute.                                     

Based on this information, we got an idea about how difficult it is to put your video on the result, which is poorly optimized?

But, Fear Not!

We’ve compiled some best tips to optimize the YouTube channel by applying that you can increase your channel views. 

Customizing the YouTube channel by placing channel name & Channel Art

The first step is to optimize your channel and channel name. Take the time to choose it.

 For example, use keywords in the name of your channel and describe what the channel is.

To setup channel art and Channel name, click on a profile picture of which appears on the right corner of your YouTube browser or app, then choose the option called your channel.  

And then click on customize the channel and then hover on the pencil icon and edit your channel art and profile picture.

To edit the channel name Follow This Steps:

  1. Go to the YouTube then click on the option called your channel.
  2.  Then click on hamburger which appears on the left corner, click on that.
  3. Click on the setting, you will see an option called Your YouTube channel, under that; you will get an option called Edit on Google click on that.
  4. It redirects to your Google About Me page, here you can edit your YouTube Channel name.

Setup the profile picture

Use a clean, recognizable image. Your profile photo is like your channel icon and will appear wherever you comment or post on YouTube, so it can be a compelling advertisement for your business.

Add the channel trailer

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YouTube channel art is for those who are not your subscribers or visited your channel for the first time. It is only a 30 to 60 seconds video that gives information about your channel.

This channel trailer auto-play when someone visits your channel, at the moment, your channel video plays, it should impress your customers.

It works as a movie trailer if the trailer excites, us then only we decide to watch the movie. Likewise, if the channel trailer surprises them, then only people can subscribe to your channel.

How to setup YouTube Channel?

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  1. To add or change your channel trailer, go to your YouTube channel page( Open the YouTube, click on profile pic choose the option called Your Channel and click on it)
  2. Click on the option called customize the channel once clicked you will appear on your YouTube channel Dashboard. Under your channel name, you will see an option called for new visitors.
  3. Click on + channel trailer and add the video.

Note: – Try to add one or two-minute video to explain your channel.


Fill Out the about us Page

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Editing the about us in a channel is describing your channel is all about. Write a point-wise description is so that visitors can easily recall the things.

The thing to know about About Us pages on YouTube is that the first 48 characters show up in the YouTube search results.

Customize the thumbnail

Using customized thumbnail for each video also increases your views of the channel. If you are creating thumbnails for video, please keep it in mind to use catchy words with images or use creative info-graphics.


Create a playlist

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Creating a playlist helps in growing channel engagement. Create the playlist of similar videos (making the series of videos by taking one topic).

If you have an hour of video break that in 6 parts, make it like a 10-minute video and create a channel and put it into one channel. Here you will get 6 different opportunities to impress and strategy to promote the videos.

How to Create

Go to the YouTube Channel  –> YouTube Studio –> choose option called video (You will get below of your channel profile)   –>  select the videos which you need to add in playlist    –>  click on add playlist  –> click on new playlist –> name the channel –> Click on Save.


Focus on Your First 15 Minute of video

Focus on the first 15 minutes of video here because viewers conclude within these interims whether this is video is worthy or not? Once the video captures their attention within 15 minutes, then you will end up with a higher watch time.

Adding title and description on video.

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Including the keywords in the title and description of each video is mandatory. Whenever the user hunts the information he searches by typing the keywords on the YouTube search bar, if your video title and description content exact keywords which users are searching for, then there are high chances to rank your video in the YouTube result page.

One Final Note:

Setting up the above things is necessary to rank your video, but taking care of some basic things also increases the quality of your videos, such as:

  1. Adding background music to avoid unwanted sound during the shoot.
  2. Shooting video YouTube recommended sizes and specifications.
  3. Always try to give complete and necessary information.

So head on over to your business YouTube channel and optimize away.

Let us know the results!

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