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What is an Email Marketing

The act of promoting business by sending email to a potential or existing usually involves using email to send advertisements, branding, building loyalty, Trust, Retention, Acquisition, Generating Traffic, Getting Referral, Direct sales.


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Benefits of email marketing

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How Email Marketing Helps Your Business

There are many reasons for implementing email marketing in your business. We glance at some essential features.
1- Lesser Cost (less cost more benefits)
2-Build Credibility( Sharing  helpful and informative content)
3-Strengthen relationships( Creating awareness by sending a daily update about our brand, or business we can strengthen our relationship)
4-Boost Sales( Keep updating about the brand and new products helps to increase the sales.)
5- Look Professional( Usually, emails always used to do conversion professionally. 100 of Software’s in the market by using that we can create an email more professional.
6- Time Consuming( We can send an email by adding the bulk of peoples at a time no need to send a separate email for separate people. We can schedule the time to send the email. 

Strategy To Do Email Marketing

Before starting the email marketing, a few things we need to keep in mind as given below:

  1. Define your audience
  2. Campaign goal
  3. Create the list don’t buy a list of mail buying mail is not much benefited to the business
  4. Choose an email campaign and schedule the right time to sent the email.
  5. Mesure the result


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