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What is Digital Marketing

Advertising or promoting the product or services of a business through the internet by using the mobile or website or social media or different digital platforms called as Digital Marketing.

How Digital Marketing Consultant Takes Your Business Into The Next Level

Digital Marketing consultant helps in a growing business.
Digital Marketing consultant creates awareness of your brand by writing content on your business.
Digital Marketing consultant helps you in generating more leads for your business, and also helps in optimizing landing page and user experience.
Digital Marketing Consultant helps in optimizing your website to rank your business on the SERP page.
Digital Marketing consultant helps in increasing audience reach.
Digital Marketing consultant will research market as well as customer behavior. This information gives a better insight into customer preference.

Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore

Freelance Digital Marketing Expert services In Bangalore


Search Engine is a piece of software, designed to search the information. It collects information about what  

Social Media Marketing

As the name suggest, Promoting business through social media platform is called Social Media Marketing. 

Search Engine Marketing

It is similar to SEO, but here we have to pay to run ads of our business on SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

Content Writing

It is a form of marketing by writing content to promote the ads of business. It is used for business to attract attention and  

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is using video promoting or market our brand or service. Best example of video marketing is YouTube, It has b

Email Marketing

The act of promoting business by sending email to a potential or existing usually involves using email to send advertisements, , 

Short Message Service

It is a technique that uses to spread short message service to create awareness and promoting some promotional offers.

Website Design

Showcase your brand with custom website using interactive design, color, scheme and strategic positioning.

Freelance Digital Marketing Expert services In Bangalore

Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore


We find the best route to generate relevant leads for your business with our innovative digital marketing expertise.

Thrive Your Business By Using Digital Marketing Techniques

Freelance Digital Marketing Expert services In Bangalore

About Me

Abhijeet owner of Addigitalmarketer

I Am Digital Marketer Freelancer Based In Bangalore.

I Am So Glad You are Here.
I am here to build long-standing relationships with my clients, at an honest price tag. My aim is to simplify the complex and help business owners understand digital marketing, one way or another. My focus is on building honesty and trust first and then letting the rest takes care of itself (including those confusing digital reports). As I am a Digital Marketing expert, help you to grow your business in the coming year 2020… I’m looking forward to working with you in the future.


Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Website Development
Content Writing

How Digital Marketing Services Is Useful To Business

Growth Option For Small Business
Digital mode of the market helps the small business to showcase their products or services,as per budget.
Keep Track On Customer Interest
Digital Marketing expert helps to track on customers response and also on their interest, this data we can use as re-marketing.
Conversion rate is high than traditional marketing:
In 2019 the number of internet users in India is 627 million. There are currently 147.8 million. E-Commerce users in India, with rapid growth, projected that will see an additional 210.46 million users shopping online by 2020. Although there will be over 358 million E-commerce users in 2020, this will still only represent 36% of the total population.

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Freelance Digital Marketing Expert services In Bangalore